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Residential Solar, Wind & More



Residential Solar, Wind & More

4 hours

Residential Solar, Wind & More looks at residential renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) facts and changes such as types, where made, and financial incentives. Some owned systems may not qualify for value as well as different ways to determine value completes the class. Additionally, we’ll have a class discussion on determining the value and reporting responsibilities.

We’ll look at Off the Grid vs. On the Grid, wind turbines, alternative considerations to solar, and ways to reduce utility costs.

Who should attend?

Residential & Commercial Appraisers as well as residential salespersons (not real estate approved) interesting in learning about the appraisal side of solar energy.

This course is accredited for 4 hours of Arizona Appraisal continuing education credit towards licensing requirements. Participants can earn a certificate stating the student has met the standards set by the course administrator to be an “Arizona Solar & Wind Expert Appraiser (ASWE).”

Student Materials

Handouts and a student manual

Dates, Locations, and Cost

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